Grandmother spider is a wise old teacher and weaver of many stories. Her unique tapestry of life offers many paths to the center of oneself and creation. Her medicine speaks of connections and unity of spirit.

Spiders are light, delicate and not hostile to humans unless threatened. To those who require this special of the spider, it teaches us to maintain a gentle and kind nature.

A poisonous spider signifies death and rebirth. As the poison of age and life's perils threaten our life, we use the venom to ward off future attacks or die.

The spider's web connects itself by silky threads to physical objects creating a net creating its home and place for harvesting food. The web reminds us of our connectedness to all things on earth - that we are related to everything in creation. The spokes of the web remind us to build links between ourselves and the Creator and all things.

When the spider appears, it is a sign to connect with the ways of spirit in the ways designed by the Creator.

The eight legs of the spider are unique from other insects who have only six legs. And unlike other insects, their bodies are divided into two parts instead of three. Two represents unity and a union of polarities.

In American Indian tradition, the first dream catcher was made by Grandmother Spider to catch the bad dreams of children. This legend reveals our belief that negative elements of ones life may be screened out if we remember to keep the links between the Creator and ourselves strong and to always remember that all things in creation are one.

Responses to "Spider Medicine: What Spider Can Teach Us"

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is amazing what we can learn from our fellow creatures. Although spiders freak me out, there are lessons to be learned if we would just look.

  2. Anonymous says:

    nyc info...:O)

  3. Thank you for your teachings... I'm thoroughly enjoying learning them here as you bring the ancient teachings into the 21st century... I studied Jamie Sam's Sacred Path Cards and her Thirteen Original Clan Mothers which turned my life around 13 years ago and I honour them with good intention every day. Soul full wisdom... Strength in standing apart from the norm... We are all one big spiritual group of beings on Mother Earth learning how to reconnect... Strength in Retreat.. and following a Path of Joy... Love to you all.. I miss you this lifetime

  4. Unknown says:

    Spiders have always aligned as my 'allies.'

    Often, I've seen many of them and varieties when I needed "support" and a few times as the "trickster" offering humor in times of tension.

    I appreciate and respect Spider!


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