The Arabian wolf is very unique little wolf. It is very rare and also faces extinction. It is a subspecies of the gray wolf that was once found throughout the Arabian Peninsula but now is only found small pockets, mostly mountainous areas. It can be found in the following countries, southern Israel, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, parts of Iraq and Iran and southern Egypt.

The Arabian wolf is a small, desert adapted wolf that is only about 26 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing on average about 40 lbs. They also do not live in packs but prefer to hunt in pairs or small groups of only up to 4 wolves. Other unique features are that it does not howl, has short hair and also has two middle toes that are fused together. This was originally only seen on the African Wild Dog.

Although it is very rare, unfortunately it is in grave danger from it's worst known enemy - man. Many trophy hunters have become fixated with killing this wolf because of it's rarity. Another problem is the farmers in the area. The Arabian Wolf can eat any domestic animal up to the size of a goat. Therefore farmers are quick to shoot, poison or trap them. Hunters also will kill them when they cross their paths and take great pride in displaying their bodies in public places. Another problem in the area is that these wolves are often portrayed as a bad omen.

Wildlife advocates however are of the view that these almost extinct wolves should be protected at any cost. Steps need to be taken to educate the local people and nonlethal ways taught to help the farmers protect their livestock. Since these are very remote areas it will be a great challenge to keep this little wolf from disappearing off the face of the earth.

Responses to "The Arabian wolf - can it be saved from extinction?"

  1. Anonymous says:

    please save the white wolf they are beautiful animals and our children and grandchildren need to see these animals in there natural areas not in zoos

  2. Chris du Fier says:

    His cousin, the Niktamère is surely not unique but much more prolific specially in France.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It would be a shame if these beautiful wolves became extinct ! They should be protected and allowed to roam free as they were destined to do.

  4. Unknown says:

    So Why can't the Wildlife parks people build a place for these Wolves to be able to Breed so they won't go into "Extinction.. or Move them Far enough away from the Farmers, So they will Always be a protected Animal, And Not Killed..

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