Elk can run forever. They have great stamina and are powerful beings with excellent reflexes. Elk are very unpredictable too. They can be friendly one moment and angry the next. The Elk is sensitive to signs of danger and when threatened, may stand and fight to the end or the herd may run in every direction to confuse predators. Elk live in large herds, but a lone elk can often be seen. Elk graze during the day only -- never at night. But if disturbed, such as by humans during hunting season, they will feed only at night. An adult bull elk with antlers is a formidable opponent against any animal, including mountain lion and bear. During the "Rutting Season", adult bulls attack each other with their antlers to determine which among them is fittest to mate. Elk are found in many states (including but not limited to: Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Texas, and Wisconsin) with the largest herds being in the Rocky Mountains, Yellow Stone and Canada.

Elk teaches us how to become more observant of subtle energies.

Elk demand space to roam, but occasionally need time alone. It teaches us to seek sacred space.

Those with Elk medicine are reminded to maintain emotional balance to keep aggressive tendencies in check.

This medicine teaches survival techniques in all types of environments.

Elk people demand respect and have great pride in their professional and private lives and must be continually on guard against becoming to egotistical.

Those who know Elk medicine stand tall with a strong self-image and must seek to be humble.

When Elk appears it often comes with a message to stand strong with pride and to use ones gifts to show others of its power.

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  1. Unknown says:

    So beautiful! I live in Golden Colorado and have the privilege to see Elk all the time. They are so majestic and powerful!

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