As if wild animals in this world don't have enough problems trying to survive where man has encroached upon their living space, they are also exploited in circuses and roadside zoos where they are forced to live in cramped unnatural settings with people gawking at them all day long. These are well known types of enslavement for wild animals that were meant to roam free in their own habitats.

But now to add to all this misery, there is an organization in the U.S. that is profiting off of baby exotic animals while try to mislead people with the word "rescue" in their name. They are known as the Big Cat Rescue Entertainment, run by a man called Joe Schreibvogel. He falsely proclaims his organization as a way to educate the public about the dangers of keeping exotic animals.

A reputable animal conservation organization known as Alliance for Animals has called the Big Cats Rescue Entertainment, "One of the most notorious breeders of baby lions and tigers. This business makes a profit by breeding tiger cubs, taking them from their mothers shortly after birth, and abusing them by carting them around from mall to mall charging people to pet them and be photographed with the young cubs.”

Big Cat Rescue Entertainment has been involved in many incidents where employees blatantly violate the laws and endanger the cubs and the public. One video shows a child being bitten by a cub and in another video there is a sick cub on display for people to pet. The organization is also currently involved in several lawsuits against it and goes by almost a dozen aliases. The owner, Schreibvogel, also runs a roadside zoo in Oklahoma.

Alliance for Animals is attempting to spread the word that the Big Cat Rescue Entertainment Group is once again on tour traveling to malls. As usual they are exhibiting very young exotic animals; some as young as only 2 weeks old. Alliance for Animals is asking for support from the public if this organization attempts to exhibit in your city or town. They ask that people contact the mall management and tell them this organization is exploiting wild baby animals for profit and that they are not welcome. Hopefully if enough people protest this organization, Joe Schreibvogel and the Big Cat Rescue Entertainment Group will soon be out of business. Until there are laws passed against these types of exploitative shows it will be up to the public to put a stop to them.

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