Lee Kromschroeder knew from the tender age of 4 yrs. old that he loved to create art. He was born and raised in beautiful southern California and was surrounded by the ocean and mountains. Not only was nature his teacher but his grandmother had a huge influence by teaching him painting and sculpture. She also introduced him to the Masters in art through her books on the subject.

As he grew up he was encouraged by his close knit family to continue in his passion of art. He studied art at California State University in San Francisco where he graduated with honors and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in painting and print-making. His formal education served as the foundation of his art but he continued to develop his talent by studying his subjects that he painted. He tends to paint as a realist but always adds a lot of heart to his creations also.

He is a true student of his subjects that he paints and has traveled all over the world to Asia, Africa, South America, Canada, Mexico and of course all throughout the U.S. in order to research them. He also often refers to wildlife behaviorists and nature specialists to help him capture the true spirit of what he paints.

He is a man who is confident in his creations and often invites his family and other artists to offer suggestions and critique his work. He loves the fact that his wife and kids can all participate in helping him to create his artwork. The enjoyment that he gets from all of this is summed up by his statement that "Sharing my ideas about nature with others, my family, and the public, is one of the most rewarding aspects of my career." As you view his work below you will be able to see the fruits of all his labors, research and total love of what he does.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    OH. MY. GODS. these look like Photographs!

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    Totally AMAZING!!! <3

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    So real, you can almost touch them!

  5. Anonymous says:

    His passion can be seen in his beautifully detailed work.. AMAMING!!

  6. shewolfuk says:

    totally amazing love it

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow he is great. I would love to have some of them hanging on my wall.

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    Its great they look so real

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    Opravdu velkolepé ! Dar od Boha - nádherné :-))) Klaním se a obdivuji :-)))

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    Stunning work. Where can one purchase one?

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