On the eve of hunting season, a female deer got a very lucky break. She was struck by a car and was found standing and looking very stunned in the middle of the road. She seemed not to be hurt and thankfully neither was the driver of the car. A deputy was called to the scene and was surprised to see the doe standing in the middle of the road motionless.

Since he could not leave the deer in the middle of the road for it's safety and the safety of other drivers, he made the decision to cautiously approach her. She was still motionless so he picked her up and carefully moved her off the road. It was at this point that she was still stunned and refused to move. Fearing for her safety from the hunters or another car collision, he walked up to the deer again and gently petted her behind the ears. This seemed to awaken her and she quickly took off into the woods. She appeared to be fine as she scampered away into the woods hopefully to live a long natural life. The video below shows the actual account of what took place.

Video: Deputy Carries Deer to Safety

Responses to "Lucky deer gets a second chance from an unusual friend (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank God for people like this...

  2. Anonymous says:

    might have had internal injuries hard to tell but yeah lucky escape so nice of the cop to do that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL That was a very luck little buck, female deer don't have horns !!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not a doe! Lucky buck!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Kudos to that officer for taking the time to take the deer out of harms way and check it over before it ran off into the woods... Wish there were more people like that in this selfish world...

  6. Jerachin says:

    i luv this guy!!

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