The first modern type circus was started in London in 1768 using just horses and their riders performing tricks. But it wasn't long before wild animals were added to the circus. They were made to perform along side the clowns, jugglers and acrobats doing completely unnatural tricks to their normal behavior. Sadly it can be said that very little has changed for many wild animals in circuses in most countries around the world. A few countries have taken the lead and banned wild animals in circuses such as Austria and Singapore. Bolivia has recently taken it one step further and banned both wild and domestic animals from the circuses.

Thankfully the popularity of circuses with wild animals is now on the decline. Keeping wild animals in cramped and unnatural conditions while exposing them to repeated travel and performances can cause high levels of stress to them. Certain circus animals such as elephants have gone on violent rampages when the stress level has become too much for them.

Earlier this year a poll was taken in the UK with the results being that 3 out of 4 people were in support of a ban there. Now to add some celebrity support, Sir Paul McCartney has joined the cause against circuses and spoken out against them. He has also joined the Animal Defenders International (ADI) in their campaign to put an end to the circus acts. Sir Paul was recently quoted as saying, “I hate to see wild animals in circuses…It is heartbreaking to see these poor animals confined in small cages and carted around the country with little respect for their welfare and well-being. I have made my feelings known previously on this subject and I believe an outright ban is long overdue."

The ADI has also recently introduced the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act which calls for a proposed ban of circus animals in the United States and is being supported by American celebrities and animal welfare activists Bob Barker and Jorja Fox. As more countries join in with those who have already banned wild animals in circuses, the day is drawing nearer to the end of this suffering of wild animals in the name of human entertainment.

Responses to "More countries consider banning wild circus animals"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I've always hated seeing wild animals subdued and confined for the entertainment of humans...especially elephants. I think it's wonderful that well-known celebrities are baking this ban. For some reason, their voices are heard more so than the voice of the common people - sad but true.

  2. I live about 15 minutes from the Zanesville massacre of the wild captive animals that had very little room to move and horrible conditions. Of the 56 wild creatures 49 had to be shot and only 6...maybe 7 are in quarantine at the Columbus Zoo. 18 endangered tigers had to be put down...what a loss for the world. Continue your sacred work! Peace, Mary Helen

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