Horse slaughter plants are legal again in the United States. Restrictions on horse meat processing for human consumption have been lifted.

In a bipartisan effort, the House of Representatives and the United States Senate approved the Conference Committee report on spending bill H2112, which among other things, funds the United States Department of Agriculture. On November 18th, as the country was celebrating Thanksgiving, President Obama signed a law, allowing Americans to kill and eat horses. Essentially, one turkey was pardoned in the presence of worldwide media while in the shadows, buried under pages of fiscal regulation, millions of horses were sentenced to death.

Horse slaughter has been prohibited in the United States as funding for inspections of horses in transit and at slaughter houses was non-existent. This worked because the horse meat cannot be sold for human consumption without such inspections. The House version of the bill retained the de-funding language and the Senate version did not. The conference committee charged with reconciling the two opted to not include it. The result is that it is now legal to slaughter horses for humans to eat.

Notwithstanding that 70% of Americans oppose horse slaughter, that President Obama made a campaign promise to permanently ban horse slaughter and exports of horses for human consumption (horses can be sent to Mexico and Canada), that documentation of animal cruelty, slaughterhouse stench, fluid runoff and negative community impact exists, it is taxpayers that will bear the costs!

Wyoming state representative Sue Wallis and her pro-slaughter group estimate that between 120,000 and 200,000 horses will be killed for human consumption per year and that Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Georgia and Missouri, are considering opening slaughter plants.

During these trying times, is the only thing that Democrats and Republicans can agree on is that Americans need to eat horses?


Responses to "Obama Legalizes Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption"

  1. Bien déçu
    Bave du sang des anges

  2. Lee Moats says:

    this is totally wrong!!!!!!! I guess now he will allow horse stealing to be killed along with this!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    they going to want us to eat our dogs next, the dumb bas@*##.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does Obama have any idea how many Americans WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM over this? I and dozens of my friends are DONE with his policies. Will he be serving foreign dignitaries horse steaks at White House Dinners???? This is wrong on so many levels.

  5. Kim says:

    Completely absurd and wrong...when will we learn? WHEN????????

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Good question...Humans don't even need animals to survive! and we already have too many types of animal meat to choose from!

  8. Anonymous says:

    thats gross!!! and obamas a giant worthless dumba**!

  9. Anonymous says:

    This will seal my vote - NOT FOR OBAMA - no regulations, we already have issues with animals being shipped under cruel conditions to Mexico and Canada, now as american citizens we will endorse it here. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow instead of fixing debt and poverty he legalizes eatin horses wtf?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I AM SO MAD I AM SPEECHLESS!! IS NOTHING SACRED? DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO EQUATE TO A DOLLAR SIGN? This obese society should be eating more vegetables and less meat! Why not save a few bucks on groceries and eat our pets?
    The destiny of all the creatures on this planet is in our hands. Haven't we lost enough of them? Can't we save what is left?

  12. Anonymous says:

    In the article it is unclear whether the law that was signed is the aforementioned H2112 or just related to it or just part of it. If it is the same, then the key phrase is "among other things". As you know, bills have a bunch of things bundled together and sometimes members of congress compromise and let one measure be included in order to get other things that they want. I would guess in this case this is lumped in with measures that they would claim are beneficial to the economy. Is it worth it in this case? We don't really know because the article leaves so much unexplained.
    As for Obama, you are always voting for the lesser of evils. I will take one of his blunders over the republican agenda any day. Take a look at their policies, actions, etc. because if you vote against Obama, you are voting for them.

  13. Stu says:

    "During these trying times, is the only thing that Democrats and Republicans can agree on is that Americans need to eat horses?" ... Never mind the fact that this is so wrong for the Horses ... THAT is a given. Any person with a lick of common sense who has ever owned a horse or who has grown up on or near a farm knows that.

    But, with so many MUCH more important things for our legislators to be working on. The fact that they even gave this asinine legislation any consideration at all is beyond me. I truly have to wonder if our whole Nation has just gone totally insane!

  14. No!
    Congress and OUR SENATE approved this.
    Most of this anti-animal things are slipped into riders and sneaked thro, like the Stripping of ESA for wolves was.
    Don't blame this on Obama. Remember Lawmakers (our do-nothing congress) make the laws. And I believe the Senate is now by one or two infested by Rebpubs.... who want only to kill and drill.
    We must email POTUS to VETO this!

  15. White wolf,
    Really sad to see this. Who would you vote for? Herm Cain? Newt? Perry? All of them carrying the agenda of Kill & drill?
    Why did you post this blame on OBAMA?
    I usually like your posts but I wonder about this, one.
    Don't you know vote repub is sentencing every animal in the USA to a death sentence? Our do-nothing congress passed this bill, well, it means jobs doncha know! And we have lost a few senate seats...
    This will be a thousand times worse if you vote repub! We must email potus to VETO this bill!

  16. Hello WolfLady
    I just share the information and i keep my objectivity on political matters.There are so much to do to save our brothers and sisters ! Thank you for your support

  17. Thank you White Wolf!♥
    I just get irritated b/c the Lawmakers/Congress slip this in on budget bills etc and it gets blamed on Potus.
    I always enjoy your blog posts here, and tweet them and facebook them...
    and yes...we need to do everything to save our brothers & sisters all of the four footed, swimmers, the birds, and the stone people & tree people...all at risk now a days... :(

  18. Anonymous says:

    Why ?

  19. Anonymous says:

    My horse, poodle, and cat are very sad with this news. This is not the legacy I want to leave my Grandchildren! Reva (San Diego)

  20. Anonymous says:

    Lets get one thing straight right off the bat, I truely love horses. I've owned horses all my life, but what people dont understand, hay is at $15 a bale, and the way the economy is people cant afford horses and have no place to go with them. Since the ban on killing horses has began I have seen more starving horses than I have ever seen in my life. I've seen horses turned out on the side of the roads, and turned loose in our public lands. Is it better to keep the ban and let them starve to death, or get hit by vehicle and not only killing the horses but in some cases the drivers also, or humanely put them down?
    There are thousands and thousands of dogs and cats put down at animal shelters every year because it is the humane thing to do. I think most people that are against the slaughter of horses never look at the bigger picture. Its going to keep them from starving to death, and its going to create jobs. If you dont want them slaughtered I guess you need to get you a bid number, go to horse sales, and buy them ALL.

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