Mr. Squirrel gathers and prepares for long winter nights. As a friendly, quick and industrious worker, he knows the ways to survive. On a spiritual plain, Mr. Squirrel brings us many gifts and lessons to help us gather the blessings of life for our journey into the next dimension.

Mr. Squirrel is fast at everything he does and remains in constant motion during three seasons of the year. For those who hear or see squirrel in dreams, the message may be to 'get busy' with your life and stop waiting for good things to happen. The squirrel is a reminder that good things come from our honest labor.

Squirrels do not always remember where they store the hard earned food and forget the best routes to travel to retrieve their stores during winter. If you see squirrel, it may be time to slow down and concentrate on the task at hand.

Squirrels are playful, friendly and chatty. As a sociable animal, the squirrel continually chatters sometimes to the annoyance of his neighbors. If you hear squirrel, it may be a lesson to seek silence or to speak slowly and distinctly.

Squirrels are skittish and at the same time trusting. They will often eat from your hand and come very close to bring a gift. This wonderful quality of the squirrel teaches us to trust one another in personal relationships and trust the Creator in all things. Creating trust where none exited builds on this special medicine.

The squirrel teaches us to gather our energies for the important tasks in life and honor the future by preparing for change.

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  1. Flying squirrels just totally amaze me...I have seen them fly out of the trees on my hillside. Peace, Mary Helen

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