Circuses can be very cruel environments that force animals that should be in the wild to act in totally unnatural ways. They are kept in confined quarters and under extreme stress while always being on the move. One such animal was Willy, a polar bear who was formerly part of a circus where he was mistreated.

Willy was rescued in 2001 and brought to live in a North Carolina zoo. Although a zoo isn't the most perfect place for a wild animal to live, Willy is given a lot of ways to express his colorful personality and have fun. He is much happier now and his home at the zoo is currently being expanded to give him more space.

Valerie Abbott is a wildlife photographer and has spent a lot of time photographing polar bears. She has documented polar bears in the wilds of Manitoba, Canada while volunteering for Polar Bears International. The photos below are ones she took of Willy playing and having a good time. Enjoy!

Photos: Valerie Abbott

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautifull animals!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What an amazing gift you have given with these fabulous photos of Willy :) Thank you for taking them Valerie and Thank you for all you share White Wolf ~ I adore your site <3. You keep me informed, educate me and bring the reality of what is really going on in this insane world ~ Blessed are the animals! For they were here long before us...
    With great respect,

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    Great pictures!

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