Beverly Basham is a natural born artist who was born and lives in the state of Alabama. She has been a huge fan of the great outdoors all her life. Growing up, it was her many walks in the woods admiring wildlife and various plant life that always kept her fascinated with nature. Since she lived in the city it was her family trips to the forest that provided the only outlet for her love of the outdoors.

In college she combined her love of nature and art by graduating with a biology and a fine arts degree. It was with this background that she began painting her many portraits of the wilderness and it's inhabitants. Her love of nature is vividly expressed through her paintings.

Beverly is the chairman of the Southern Wildlife Festival in Decatur, Alabama and has been a committee member for over twenty years. She has received honors and awards and has judged art shows including the Alabama Wildlife Federation in 2010 and the Morgan County Fair Art Show. She is also a member of the Oil Painters Society of America and the Association of Miniature Artists.

Below are some wonderful examples of her work. Enjoy!

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    Awesome !!!

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    Exquisite work~!

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    Are people allowed to "borrow" any of these pictures, or are they under copyright???

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