Louis Aguirre is a very talented artist who was born in South America. Specifically on February 22, 1976 in Lima Peru. As a child his favorite pastime was drawing comics and and special characters. He also enjoyed drawing the pets that he had as he was growing and exotic animals that he would see in pictures.

In 1994 he entered the Institute of Design and Communications where he began the study of advertising design. After this he began to attend at the school of Instituto Superior San Ignacio de Loyola. It was here that he studied Arts and Graphic design. He had fully intended to make illustration his career of choice but because of different reasons he was not able to continue with this.

He however has not given up on his love of painting wildlife and scenes of nature. He likes to paint in the vivid colors of the many exotic birds, animals and flora that he draws. Growing up in South America many of these animals and flowers are native to his country. He is a huge animal lover and in his paintings he wants to transmit that love as well as the message that we must all become conscientious of being respectful of all wildlife, their habitats and the environment as a whole. Respect for Mother Nature and her inhabitants is behind every painting that he does.

Enjoy some of his creations below.

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Responses to "LUIS AGUIRRE: South American wildlife artist extraordinaire!"

  1. You can see that this artist is dedicated to the wild creatures...beautiful images with gentle brushstrokes . Awesome. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Anonymous says:

    -wish i was a forest spirit

  3. debbie fulford says:

    These portraits are georgous. You are an extremely tallented man Thank-you
    Mr.Louis Aguirre

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