Young puppies sure get into a lot of trouble sometimes. A Michigan family discovered just how much trouble the other day when their four week old puggle/doxie puppies decided to roam the basement.

One little male pup discovered a pipe with a loose grate and climbed inside. He did this overnight so when the family (who prefers anonymity) discovered one of the little fellows missing from mom’s crate in the morning they called Michigan Humane Society (MHS) for help.

Kevin Chapman from MHS was one of those who went to the scene and discovered the puppy had crawled quite a distance through the pipe, but in the direction of the yard and not back to the basement. Plumbers were called to use cameras to locate the missing pup. They could not see him but all heard his weak little cries for help. “It’s great to see it worked out in the end” Chapman told me.

It was decided to employ a backhoe to excavate the land around the pipe. The entire rescue took about eight hours. The little guy – who has not yet been named – was finally pulled out about 5:25 p.m. on February 9 and reunited with his loving mom and litter mates.

When he was finally pulled out of the ground pipe he was found to be in remarkable shape. A little dehydrated and chilly but not what would be expected for the 35 – 40 degree (Fahrenheit) weather that the area was experiencing at the time. Kudos to all involved with the rescue.


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    That puppy is so adorable. So glad he was in great shape when they found the poor pup.

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