In late 2011, a lone gray wolf with the biologists' name OR7 crossed into Northern California from Oregon - the first time a wild gray wolf has set foot in the state in 88 years.

His trek also brought him fame and a nickname, Journey, chosen in a competition by schoolchildren in his home state of Oregon. GPS technology tracking Journey’s daily movements has allowed Journey to captivate the imagination of Californians. At least two Twitter accounts update his hypothetical musings as he wanders in search of a mate. Gray wolves, killed by the thousands by ranchers and targeted by government bounties, had become nearly extinct in the lower 48 states by the 20th century; in 1974, they were protected under the Endangered Species Act. Scientists and environmentalists have hopeful but more realistic assessments of Journey’s adventures. In the mid-1990s, 66 Canadian wolves were released into Yellowstone National Park and their population has grown to nearly 1,700. (Source)

California Department of Fish and Game spokesman Mark Stopher says the eastbound wolf came within 15 miles of the Nevada line near Susanville, Calif., early last week before he decided to head back west.

He says it wasn't suitable wolf habitat where he turned around, and the last report placed the animal in western Lassen County, Calif., about 60 miles west of the Nevada border.

He's the first gray wolf seen in California in more than 88 years.

OR-7 is caught on camera. Courtesy Allen Daniels.

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