Unconditional love is also known as true love. It is a love that one has for someone where there is no expection of anything in return. It is not conditional on what someone looks like, who they know or what they can do for us. It is a love that many of us experience with our pets, they love us no matter what we do or say. If we have a bad day or make a mistake, they do not care - they still love us for just being who we are. If we were homeless or penniless it would not matter to them.

Although it is much harder for humans to feel and give unconditional love there are times when humans have risen to the occasion. Many times a parent will feel unconditional love for their children. In life or death situations, whether it be for a human or an animal, the act of pure love in rescuing them from a life threatening situation is common.

Unconditional Love ~

Here’s to the people who gave me life
And then showed me how to live it
And taught me that you measure love
By how freely you can give it

And the gift I give to you
Is the lesson that I learned
That when a love is true
It has nothing in return

Unconditional love, that they gave to me
It wasn’t mine to keep and I knew someday
I’d hand it down to you and hope that I can be
The one who makes you see
The importance of unconditional love

And there were times I know I let them down
But never once was I rejected
And when I stood alone to face this world
Somehow I still felt protected

That’s the common bond we share
And it will last through the years
And you can trust that I’ll be there
Through the good times and the tears

Unconditional love, like they gave to me
It’s not yours to keep and I know someday
Someone will look to you and you will have to be
The one who makes him see
The importance of unconditional love
~ verses from a song by Glen Campbell

The video below is a touching story of a little puppy who was born with a condition called "Puppy Swimmers" Syndrome. This is a neurological symptom of a brain abnomality where the puppy cannot raise it's head or lift it's body to walk. Instead the puppy compensates by trying drag it's body along the ground and it resembles a swimming motion. The breeder of the puppy had thrown the puppy away in a trash bag when someone noticed it moving. A dog rescue group was notified and once they saw how determined the little pup was, they made the decision to work with it through physical therapy sessions. They had decided to do this out of unconditional love for the pup. As you will see though, they were also rewarded with the unconditional love of a very grateful and happy little pup.

Responses to "Paralyzed puppy given another chance at life (Video)"

  1. This is a video of miracles ...both the human touch and the determination of a very brave little Harper!!! Thank you for the Valor demonstrated here! Blessings all around!!! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I have the sudden urge to go get a puppy...

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