Love can be blind sometimes and truth can be stranger than fiction. In China at the Yunnan Provincial Wildlife Park in Kunming City, there is a prime example of this phenomenon. An unusual love match has been made between Changmao the ram and Chunzi the female deer. In Chinese, Changmao means long hair and Chunzi means pure.

Changmao and Chunzi were originally raised together in one group at the park. They were put together because they were all herbivores. But no one counted on them bonding as a pair. Zookeepers had often noticed that they were affectionate towards each other, with Chunzi often licking Changmao's hair, and Changmao attacking any male deer that dared to approach the doe.

But also at the same time, they noticed that Changmao was not completely faithful to his lady doe and had fathered a lamb from the park's only remaining female sheep. It was for this reason that they decided to seperate the two. But the zookeepers were soon surprised to see that this was not at all to their liking. When Changmao was put in with his lamb and it's mother, he became violent. Chunzi, just as unhappy, managed to squeeze through the fence to be near him.

So the two are now back together and to celebrate their unusual love for each other the zoo has decided to hold a wedding event for the two on Valentine's Day. It is a fundraising event for the Wildlife Park and they plan to sell at least 500 tickets at 66 yuan ($10; £6.60) for the big day. The animals will also be clad in "wedding attire". May their love last a lifetime.

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