It feels like home at last! Three Arctic wolf cubs enjoy their first taste of snow since arriving in the UK from Canada

They are a long way from home - but these Arctic Wolves had their first proper taste of snow at a farm in rural Berkshire.

Sikko and her two brothers, Pukak and Massak, came to this country from Parc Safari in Quebec, Canada, but their introduction to the white stuff came near Newbury.

'They love snow,' said their owner, Tsa Palmer.

'They definitely find it fun. They're playing around the place, putting their noses into the snow and sticking them out again.

'It's a lovely medium for them.'

The trio, who were only born in March last year, are the only Arctic Wolves in the UK and are the latest attraction at UK Wolf Conservation Trust, in Beenham, near Newbury, which Mrs Palmer runs.

They were only released from quarantine on December 27.

With their thick winter coats they can tolerate temperatures down to a staggering -60C, hence their names, which mean snow or ice in Inuit.

The wolves are part of the 'Beenham pack' of 12 animals, which have been hand-reared and can be taken for walks on leads by visitors.

'The Arctic Wolves are extremely gentle, much gentler and less boisterous than the North American wolves,' said Tsa.

'It goes back to the the wild, where they don't have predators or people to be scared of.'

Playful: Tsa Palmer with the cubs at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in Beenham

Enjoyable: Massak, Sikko and Pukak enjoy their first proper taste of snow

On the prowl: The cubs seemed to revel in the freezing temperatures

Gentle: Massak licks the face of keeper, Danny Kidby-Hunter. Arctic wolves are said to be much gentler and less boisterous than North American wolves

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  1. Wolf Protector says:

    Ahh....The Three arctic Wolves are save.....Thank you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    what magnificent creatures

  3. Danielle says:

    AWW this is amazing I love wolves and want to see them thrive, people need to stop killing these majestic animals

  4. Anonymous says:

    Are Arctic wolves trainable to be loyal to their human companions for example, if they live on a rural farm with humans and other dogs?

  5. Anonymous says:

    It's too bad there's not a video of their first introduction to snow. I bet they were soooo happy!! My malamutes love the first snowfall, and just go crazy. Thank you for posting this and all of your informational articles. A true humanitarian you are! And teacher. <3 Thumper :o]

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic....what more can be said....

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    keep the good work up, these amazing creatures need protection all over the world xx

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