Starting today, visitors to the Toronto Zoo have a new polar bear to visit. The three-month-old cub is the lone survivor after his mother, Aurora, rejected three cubs she gave birth to last October.

"This has been an interesting and challenging case for the Zoo and a valiant and dedicated team effort of both the Wildlife Health Centre and Wildlife Care staff," John Tracogna, the Toronto Zoo's CEO, said in a statement. "Ultimately, it has been a rewarding journey for everyone involved, and we are happy to introduce an active and healthy polar bear cub, our new Arctic ambassador to help share our conservation message with our visitors."

CityNews reports that the young bear has moved from his home at the zoo’s wildlife health centre to the Tundra Trek polar bear den – where animal lovers will be able to glimpse at the cub. The polar bear weighed just 700 grams at birth and now weighs about 17 kilograms.

Back in October, the Toronto Zoo announced that Aurora – one of its female polar bears – gave birth to three cubs (two males and one female polar bear). But she rejected her cubs, forcing the zoo to hand-raise the two small bears that survived.

Unfortunately, a second newborn polar bear died less than 48 hours later, after succumbing to wounds inflicted by Aurora. The remaining cub stayed under 24-hour care and zoo staff was optimistic that he would get stronger.

According to the zoo, polar bears tend to give birth in November and December. The Oct. 11 birth could be the earliest recorded birth of captive polar bears.

The zoo has created a contest to name the little cub. To enter, visit the zoo's website or log onto Facebook. The name will be revealed on March 31.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sweet, wish i could hold this cute little bear!!! I have always loved white polar bears!!! I wish him well!!!!!

  2. jennifer says:

    looks so happy playing in the snow

  3. Anonymous says:

    OMG THIS IS SO FRIGGEN SAD AND LONELY : ONE of the few things good about techno advances is , the experience of the natural habitat will be enjoyed and witnessed from afar -in the habitat they are FREE in-SAVE That BIG MONEY xx

  4. All babies love boxes ....and a snow pool!!!

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