Last week a tiny baby squirrel who got an unlucky break when a couple in England was trimming their tree and unknowingly cut the branch that was holding her nest also ended up getting a lucky break too. The baby squirrel fell to the ground but luckily for her the couple spotted her. They quickly called up the animal rescuers from Wildlife Aid Foundation to come and help since now the baby was seperated from her mother.

The baby squirrel who was dubbed "Violet" has since been outfitted with a cast made just to fit her. The special thing about this cast is that it is also a violet color. The rescuers have been feeding Violet around the clock on a special milk formula to nurse her back to health. The organization, Wildlife Aid, always tries to release wild animals back into the wild once they have been rehabilitated.

"Violet is a little fighter and is coping very well - I’m really hopeful she will be fine," Lucy Kells, hospital manager at the Wildlife Aid Foundation, told the Daily Mail. "We hope we can release her back into the wild in about 16 to 20 weeks' time."

More about the Wildlife Aid Foundation ~

The Wildlife Aid Foundation is dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals. Established in 1980, the charity's veterinary hospital in Leatherhead, Surrey, deals with more than 20,000 wildlife emergencies every year. Our policy is to return every patient to the wild once they have recovered. The Foundation's work is the focus of the popular TV series Wildlife SOS on Discovery Channel's 'Animal Planet'. The founder of the Foundation is the environmental broadcaster and campaigner Simon Cowell MBE.

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    poor baby...I think I would have cried the Entire time I was wrapping up it's little leg!!! <3

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