Home to nearly 10,000 species, the waters surrounding Antarctica are some of the most pristine on the planet. Moreover, they act as a nexus—a point at which many of the oceans meet. This important region, however, is coming under threat. Global warming, pollution, and, increasingly, commercial fishing are all adding pressure to the unique ecosystem.

Now, a coalition of conservation groups and activists are joining together to help protect Antarctica's ocean. The Antarctic Ocean Alliance is campaigning for the establishment of a network of marine preserves encircling the continent. These preserves would dramatically limit commercial fishing access and combine to form the most comprehensive conservation area on the planet.

The goal is ambitious but plausible. This year, concerned nations will meet to discuss the future development of Antarctica. A critical mass of support, the coalition hopes, will help sway the decision in favor of a protected ocean.

And, you can help by joining the watch. Head over to the Antarctic Ocean Alliance website and let the world know why you want to see Antarctica's ocean protected.

VIDEO: The oceans around Antarctica are some of the most pristine in the world – and the last place on Earth still relatively untouched by human activity. This beautiful, icy ocean environment is home to nearly 10,000 highly adapted species, many of which can be found nowhere else on the planet. Adélie and emperor penguins, Antarctic petrels and minke whales, Ross Sea killer whales, colossal squid and weddell seals all thrive in this inhospitable climate. Global ocean circulation is largely driven by the deep water formation around Antarctica’s coast, driving heat transfer and transporting essential nutrients to the rest of the world’s oceans.
One of the crown jewels of the Antarctic is the Ross Sea. While marine ecosystems in
other parts of the globe are threatened and devastated by development, pollution, mining, oil drilling and over!shing, Antarctica’s Ross Sea – the ocean equivalent of Africa’s great plains because of its richness of marine life – remains the most intact marine ecosystem on the planet, with large populations of all its top predators still present.

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  1. Mother Earth is so beautiful, Many Blessing to all who are trying to help her survive.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with this campaign. Just because it's far away, just because I can't see it doesn't mean it's not my responsibility. I am a visitor to this planet - I wouldn't go into your home and wreck it; I wouldn't let you wreck my home. ~This planet is not just our home - every living being, every plant, every creature calls this planet home. Treat it with respect. Protect it. Love it. Sign the petition.

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