An orphaned sea otter pup named Meshik has a new chance at life thanks to residents of an Alaska town who rescued him from the beach where he was huddled next to his dead mother, Channel 2 News reports.

Residents of Port Heiden, Alaska, were walking along Meshik Beach on March 12 when they discovered a deceased Northern sea otter and her surviving pup, a three-week old male.

After calling the Alaska SeaLife Center, community members took turns caring for the pup until it could be flown to the center, which is the only permanent facility in Alaska for stranded animals.

A week later, Meshik is thriving at the center's wildlife rehabilitation program, where employees feed him a high calorie squid-and-clam formula about every three hours, according to the center's website.

Wildlife workers hope to place Meshik at a facility in the lower states in about six to eight weeks time, Husbandry Director Brett Long told the Associated Press.


On Monday, residents of Port Heiden discovered a deceased Northern sea otter and her surviving male pup along Meshik Beach. The Port Heiden community provided overnight care for the otter, feeding him every four hours as instructed by Center staff. The pup was then flown to King Salmon, where ASLC senior veterinarian Dr. Pam Tuomi joined him on his journey to the professional care facility in Seward. Both Dr. Tuomi and the otter arrived safely at the Center late Tuesday night.

Meshik, named after the location where he was found, is approximately three weeks old and weighs almost seven pounds. Husbandry Director Brett Long reports that Meshik "is doing well, eating a healthy mixture of formula and fluids." The ASLC staff would like to thank the residents of Port Heiden for their considerate effort caring for Meshik and their cooperation regarding the incredible logistics of this multi-community transport.

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  1. Please bless this tiny creature and the people who saved him! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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