This summer, exploratory drilling will begin in the Arctic Ocean unless we stop it. The Arctic must be off limits to oil drilling, for the simple reason that a spill would be impossible to clean up there. The Arctic is home to polar bears, walrus, bowhead whales and other endangered and highly sensitive wildlife; oil drilling in its remote, ice-choked waters would carry unacceptably high risks of environmental destruction and loss of life.

President Obama has given approval to Shell to drill for oil this summer in the vulnerable Arctic. In hopes of uncovering new sources of dirty fossil fuels, Arctic drilling could also unleash more than 11 billion tons of carbon pollution -- making it ever more difficult to stave off devastating climate change.

We have a powerful opportunity now to stop drilling before it spoils the Arctic and its wildlife. Take action now to tell Obama not to allow drilling to go ahead in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas.

Dear President Obama,

Oil drilling in our oceans won't solve the climate crisis. Protect polar
bears, whales, and sea turtles from oil spills. Plan for our future:

-- Stop Shell from risky drilling this summer where oil spill response
is non-existent in the remote, frozen Arctic waters.
-- Cancel lease sales proposed for Alaska's Beaufort and Chukchi Seas.

Risky drilling is not the answer.

VIDEO: Arctic Animals

Responses to "Say No to Destructive Drilling in the Arctic (Petition)"

  1. BP has been careless in maintaining its oil line in AK (Vultures Picnic -Greg Palast, google for first chapter of the book!) its seems the oil companies have found it more profitable to pay off claims than to make their operation safe for people and safe for animals and the planet. Therefore we must make it know, no drilling in the arctic and close Deepwater and other in GOM. DWH has fractured the ocean floor and still do you put a price on that?
    No more drilling.
    We want solar, hydro electric and wind power .

  2. Wolf-Wizard says:

    Fossil fuel is an energy source of the past,
    and it should be left back in the past and never
    to be used again in the 21st Century and beyond.
    It's time to make the 21st Century look like the 22nd Century
    and beyond, with solar, wind, and ionic energy and

  3. Anonymous says:

    Instead of destroying this planet - which happens to be our home, why not start pumping money into alternative energy. It's a no brainer really.

  4. Unknown says:

    As long as Republican in this country spend money for Sarah Palin that never use her brain and claim we have to destroy the arctic for oil and kill all polar Bear and Wolves what else we can expect...This way of talking shows how much she is behind and uneducated. Republican and oil companies following her unfortunately due to their own benefit.....They have belief we can make a lot of money by drilling Arctic ,,,,, Who cares about the people???? Who cares about the environment?????? Who cares about the Animals and Planet Earth.... The faster we destroy it the better it would be... Any one with brain knows we are not living in 17 century we live in 21 century with solar energy... and wind power...

  5. Anonymous says:

    please let the wolves live they have the right to live

  6. Unknown says:

    God bless the wolves!!! I just don't understand n never will

  7. Unknown says:

    God bless the wolves!!! I just don't understand n never will

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