Last week was considered a major victory for an animal rescue group when 58 malnourished and abused farm animals were seized from a home near Santa Clarita, California. L.A. County Animal Control officers have called it one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they have ever seen. Rescued were about two dozen goats and sheep, 5 cows, 19 fowl, 1 horse and a cat from what was described as very unsanitary conditions at the home.

The homeowner is classified as a "backyard Butcher" which is someone who owns farm animals and slaughters them for their own personal consumption. There had been complaints in the past about this person but it wasn't until case officers said they found evidence that the unidentified man was selling the meat, which is illegal that they moved in and apprehended the animals there.

Most of the seized animals have been brought to The Gentle Barn, which is an animal rescue organization that helps rehabilitate and nurse sick animals back to health. Gentle Barn Founder Ellie Laks stated that, "They pretty much had two feet in the grave."
She added that it will take lots of time and money, which the people at Gentle Barn are going to put in, to nurse these animals back to health.

The horse that was rescued was hundreds of pounds too thin and had a bad wound on her front leg that was infected to the bone. She was named is Hiroka which means a very bold, beautiful child in Japanese and vets have been diligently working to save her leg. Some of the goats had eyes that were so infected that they were on the verge of going blind. The sheep that were brought in were completely covered in thorns. Many hours and thousands of dollars later, most of the animals are showing good improvement. The eyesight of the goats that were going blind appears to have been saved.

The people at the Gentle Barn are very relieved that the animals appear to be recovering and that they haven't lost any of them. However it is a major expense for the rescue and donations are needed badly to continue treatment of these animals. Below is the link for their Facebook page. Please check them out. (Link)

VIDEO Abused Animals Taken From Owner

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  1. KidOfGod says:

    It saddens me to believe some people do not understand how animals feel when neglected, abused, and unloved. I hope these critters gain homes which will provide them with everything they need!

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