Tuesday, April 24th is the official day for World Day for lab animals. There is a week of action leading up to the national meeting of campaigners and those opposed to vivisection. The agenda of this day is to show the public how they can actively do something about this so millions of animals don't die in outdated and bad scientific practices. Anti-vivisectioners are not opposed to good science that benefits all of us but instead advocate to use other methods that contribute to scientific progress without the use of animals.

Each year around the world, millions of animals are killed in animal experiments. These animals are of various species. Some we call "companions" and others are not but they still have one thing ing common - they are sentient beings and have a right to exist for their own reasons. Scientists try to persuade us that we need them to die so we can live and be in better health and to help ease or cure disease. But at what cost and to whom? Behind every medicine that cures diseases in humans is the untold suffering and sacrifice of many animals.

Much disease is actually caused by our lifestyle choices. Is it our right to ask that these animals suffer and die because of our decisions that contribute to our health problems. All animal experimentation is based on the fact that we can and must use animals for our benefit. Humans tend to treat the animals as a commodity to be consumed without a second thought to the pain and suffering inflicted on that animal being used. It’s a fact that nearly 4 million animals die each year in the U.S. alone and over 100 million worldwide. Countless monkeys, dogs, rats and other animals are burned, blinded, cut open, poisoned, starved and drugged behind closed laboratory doors.

We can do something about this. We can educate ourselves to learn of and only buy from companies that do not use animal testing for their products. We can speak up with our buying power and let it be known as to why we make our choices. We can no longer deny that we play no part in this horrific use of animals. It is also time to take accountability for our own health decisions. So much disease can be prevented with healthy lifestyle choices such as not smoking, cutting down on or out red meat, not overindulging in alcohol, adding exercise to our daily lives. Yes, it is our right to do these things but is it our right to expect that innocent animals suffer and die for our decisions to indulge in unhealthy habits?

Please take a minute to sign the petition below against animal experimentation. Also familiarize yourself with the companies that DO and DON'T test on animals and boycott or buy their products. Remember that money always speaks the loudest.

Fighting Animal Testing petition
Help us in Fighting Animal Testing and prevent your cosmetics being tested on animals.

Companies that DO Test on Animals:

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  1. I feel that it is a crime that white wolves are being killed... They are beautiful creatures and they deserve to live just as much as we do... I don't see why people can't just let the white wolves and other animals just live in peace and harmony... Everyone speaks of animal attacks but if people would just have left the animals alone and I'm even talking from way back then the animals wouldn't feel so threatened and be so ready to leap and defend themselves...

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