A cute puppy has trouble getting out of the pool only to be saved by her mommy.

Okay, so the puppy in this video probably wasn't in danger of actually drowning, but he was obviously in a panic until his mother came along and lent a helping paw. I love that mama dog was clever enough bump junior up onto the edge and then pulled him out of the pool, only to keep tugging long after he was safely on land. I'm okay, mom! Let me go!

Amazing Facts About Dogs- Behavior of the Mother Dog

Dogs who are about to have puppies or who are about to care for puppies undergo a temperament change. They have different relationships with their owners and their behavior may seem strange or odd. Learning more about the behavior of mother dogs can help you learn how to treat your dog when she has puppies.


Dogs who are about have puppies or who are currently nursing or caring for puppies are going to be acting under the influence of powerful hormones. Prolactin and progesterone are released into the dog's system and will cause maternal behavior like restlessness and nesting some days before the puppies are born. These hormones can even cause maternal behavior in dogs that are not pregnant.


Mother dogs preparing for birth tend to become restless and anxious before they whelp. When the pups are first born, she will feed them, keep them warm and protect them. Later on, as they become more independent, she will not give them as much attention and will encourage them to play with each other and with the humans in the household.

Time Frame

A mother dog's behavior is often divided into different stages. For the first three weeks of the puppies' lives, she will give them her undivided attention. During this period, the puppies' eyes will open and they will start to pick up more motor control. From the end of the third week until the pups are 3 months old is the socialization period, in which the puppies start to explore. During this period, the mother will encourage them to be more adventurous, and toward the end of it she will start punishing efforts to nurse or exhibit clingy behavior.


When her puppies are very young, a mother dog will be very tolerant of them. As time goes on, however, puppy nipping and nursing will be met with sharp barks, growls or even bites. She may also discipline her puppies by lifting them up by the scruff of the neck and shaking them.


There are occasional instances of mothers who deliberately neglect their puppies or even kill them. In some cases, this can be brought on by a Caesarean section delivery, in which the mother lacks the hormonal and scent cues that tell her that these are her puppies.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    oo love is a powerful thing beautiful video !!

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    Mooi !

  3. LorraineB says:

    Great video which shows how great animals are. My question is why didn't the person with the video camera jump in and get that puppy out?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The video starts off with a huge splash in middle of pool. This poor puppy was thrown in the pool on purpose to make this video. What a shame.

  5. twgardenia says:

    Poor Mommie dog forced to save her pup!

  6. Anonymous says:

    After reading these comments I have do desire to watch a stages video of a panic pup and a stressed mother. yes, she would be stressed to a degree even if the people are there.

  7. The anthropomorphism of animals is a deadly and illogical behavior . It leads to terrible consequence like these videos.

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    OMG...a mother's love is unconditional!!!! ♥

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