Around the world in three-and-a-half minutes: Nasa releases stunning time-lapse video of Earth

A mesmerising time-lapse video showing how Earth looks from space has been wowing the Web.

Nasa released the awe-inspiring footage which features a series of time-lapse sequences photographed by the Expedition 30 crew on board the International Space Station.

The clip, which plays to the haunting tune of ‘Walking in the Air’ by Howard Blake, begins over the southern United States at an altitude of 240 miles and finishes in Europe.

Stunning imagery from the Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean to lightning storms in Africa, shows the planet in all its glory.

Heavily populated urban areas can be seen beautifully lit up in the dark of night.

The footage was put together using time-lapse photography, where the frequency at which the images are captured is much slower than that at which they are played back, giving the impression that the images are moving.

Nasa notes in order of appearance the places which are shown in the stunning clip.

0:01 Stars over southern United States
0:08 US west coast to Canada
0:21 Central Europe to the Middle East
0:36 Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean
0:54 Storms over Africa
1:08 Central United States
1:20 Midwest United States
1:33 United Kingdom to Baltic Sea
1:46 Moonset
1:55 Northern United States to Eastern Canada
2:12 Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean
2:32 Comet Lovejoy
2:53 Aurora Borealis over Hudson Bay
3:06 United Kingdom to Central Europe

VIDEO NASA releases mesmerising time lapse footage of Earth

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is awesome. the time should be spent and I think well spent to create these films and images to show everyone what is going on , on this earth. It makes one feel small but shows how our integral existence as brothers and sisters must be. This is our beautiful mother and we must love her and treat her with respect and dignity. thank you from my heart for this. It is truly amazing.

  2. gotta watch this. It is amazing!

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