Phil Lane spent a lot of time as a youth pouring over wildlife and nature images that he found in Sierra Club and National Geographic magazines. At that time never did he dream that one day he would also be among those professional photographers that would travel around the world seeing and photographing many species of beautiful wildlife. In fact it was quite the opposite, he at that time really thought that only a handful of people on earth could produce such wonderful images.

Now three decades later he is a wellknown and accomplished photographer. He has spent many long hours photographing his subjects in the natural world. Phil describes his experiences of in the field as being in a state of awareness and being. To him nature photography is not just seeing an image and recording it through the camera. But rather to Phil, it is an experience where the beauty of nature speaks to him of it's splendor. From a blade of grass to the shine on an animal's coat, it all fits together to tell a story for the camera.

Phil currently lives and works in the beautiful Pacific Northwest so there is ample opportunity to photograph many wonderful animals in beautiful natural settings. He also spends part of his time teaching others the art of photography. In addition to photography and teaching, he also enjoys just being in Nature, bird watching, meditation, music, good food and good wine. Below are some wonderful examples of his photography.

Phil Lane's Philosophy ~

"We are all destined for growth and expansion of our consciousness much like the branches of a tree grasping the sun and earth for nourishment. As a Photographer and Artist I am always in a state of learning."

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    Great pictures. I hope to see more.

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    Wow! <3 Wonderful art! <3

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow, he really captures their spiritual essence.


  4. Jerry/ Wolfwarrior says:

    Beautiful work!

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    awesome ...

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