A sweet-natured shepherd mix dog in British Columbia, Canada spent her first 10 years of her life tied on a chain to a dog house. There she lived in all kinds of weather with never a friendly word or a gentle touch to let her know she was wanted in this world. In fact it was just the opposite, her owners only felt contempt for poor Judith. The fact that she lived for 10 long lonely years in those conditions is amazing. But her spirit was strong and Judith's story was yet to be a happy one.

Although the British Columbia's SPCA in Burnaby had been notified many times of Judith's bleak and cruel existence, they denied being able to help her. What they did offer to do was to euthanize her for $50.00 to put her out of her misery. But Judith deserved more than that. Judith was rescued one night from her "hell on earth" by the organization, Animal Advocates Society. When they first saw her she was lying in the frozen mud, being snowed and sleeted on, surrounded by her own excrement. She was emaciated, dehydrated, and barely able to walk because of painful hips. Her coat was weighed down by clumps of caked mud. The rescue found out that her owners had named her "Judas" out of their contempt so she was given the named of Judith instead.

Judith was rescued just in time. Her owner's had planned on taking her to the SPCA the very next day and have her euthanized. But her life was meant to bloom instead. After cleaning her up and shaving her extremely matted coat, Judith was given medical attention and then the search was on to find her a wonderful home this time. And a wonderful home she got with two loving people who treated her as a member of their family. When Judith's old, arthritic hips gave out, they bought her a cart and took her everywhere. She went camping, and to the lake, and even chased squirrels in her cart. Judith lived for another 18 months with her new family. In the end when she passed away it was in peace, knowing that she was finally loved and would be sadly missed. Quite a different ending for such a loving soul whose life at one time seemed so bleak and hopeless.

There are many rescue organizations around the world as the need is great for them. Animals continue to be abused and neglected at an alarming rate. The rescue organizations are made up of volunteers who lovingly give of their time to help these animals. Money and support is always in short supply. We as animal lovers can help by finding an organization of our choice and donating either our time or money to help them carry on with their missiion of saving the abused and homeless animals of the world. It is the least we can do.

VIDEO Ten Years on a Chain: Rescued Dog's Happy Ending

Responses to "Ten Years on a Chain: Rescued Dog's Happy Ending (Video)"

  1. There needs to be a name and shame wall of blame for perpetrators of such blatant cruelty. And why didn't the SPCA bring charges?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm in tears... For TEN YEARS people were aware of Judith's living conditions but no one had the balls to just take her in the night from the heinous creatures that were abusing her! No one had it in their heart to do right by her??? What is wrong with the people that lived around there? Don't just make phone calls take ACTION!!! Yes I'm thrilled she had 18 months of joy but I can't overlook the TEN YEARS of HELL! Anyone who was aware of Judith's "situation" should be ashamed of themselves. Signed, Broken Hearted in the USA

  3. kiimbear says:

    People make me sick. Those who knew of her previous conditions and did nothing should be ashamed. I feel better now knowing that Judith was finally rescued and given the love she always deserved till her final day. Animal cruelty is NOT acceptable, and ignorance is not an excuse.. Charges should be filed. RIP in peace precious best friend(doggie).

  4. jennifer in Australia says:

    this made me cry what a beautiful face on earth did those previous owners get away with it ...lock them up and throw away the key....

  5. Pam from Sydney says:

    it should be illegal to own any animal unless you pass a fitness to care for an animal test where you prove you understand what it means to be a responsible owner

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