Jana, beautiful pup rescued in Bulgaria

The life of a stray dog in Bulgaria is pretty bleak. Left to fend on their own they face the constant threat of starvation, being hit by a car, shot at, poisoned or tormented. Animal rescue groups are hardpressed to keep up with the numbers of strays and private or government run shelters are almost nonexistant in Bulgaria. Add to that a cultural resistance to spay/neuter animals and you have a huge problem.

Helping a stray dog was the last thing on the mind of school teacher Nina Tchouparova, one Sunday morning as she drove to spend the day hiking the Balkan mountains. But fate had other plans for her that day. Nina had unexpectantly taken a wrong turn which brought her to the scene of a starving puppy. She immediately noticed that the puppy was sitting motionlessly with her gaze fixated on something invisible far away. The pup was just skin and bones and barely clinging to life.

After feeding the pup a sandwich that she had brought along for the hike she scooped her up and carried her with her for the next 3 hours until she returned back home that day. When she got back to the city she took the poor starving pup to the vet clinic where it was discovered that she had a very serious infection. The vets were amazed at how skinny the pup was and that she was even still alive. Weighing in at only about 3 kilograms (6 pounds) she weighed less than a laptop.

Nina then contacted the rescue organization, Colonel Angels Bulgarian Street Dogs, and was thrilled to learn that they would be able to help find the pup a home. The pup was given the name, Jana, which means "God is Gracious", since it certainly appeared that only by the grace of God was she found that day. Colonial Angels Bulgarian Street Dogs works with rescue groups in other countries and often sends dogs to be placed in those countries where they will have a better chance at a wonderful life. At home in Bulgaria they work hard at educating the public and also offer a free spay/neuter program. But it is a long hard road to spin the wheels of change in Bulgaria. Happily though, little Jana will soon be on her way to a new start in life and a loving home in Holland. All thanks to a compassionate woman named Nina Tchouparova and a wrong turn taken one fateful day.


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    Bless Your Heart Nina!!!! Hero For Animals!!!

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