Just last week, more beagles were freed from the sad and painful life of a test animal for research. This time the rescue took place in the U.S. - San Diego, Ca to be more specific. The beagles also left the research facility with the full knowledge and approval of the people who worked at the lab. But their lives before their release were very similar to all dogs that are used for research. They had been kept in cages away from the sun and grass for seven years. By the time of their release they were considered to be senior dogs who had basically missed out on a whole lifetime of wonderful adventures if they had been someone's pet.

The organization, Beagle Freedom Project and Four Paws Coonhound Rescue and Friends received a call from a laboratory in San Diego looking to unload 20 Beagles. Their reason was that the dogs had become too old for testing. The rescue organizations responded quickly to pick up the dogs. The first thing they did was reintroduce them to the outdoors.

Although it's unclear what kind of procedures the Beagles underwent, the rescuers do know that the dogs were used for medical testing. The rescuers also said that animals used for experimentation are not given any kind of mental stimulation or quality food.

The reasons that Beagles are chosen for lab use are the same reasons they are chosen as pets -according to Beagle Freedom Project President Shannon Keith. This is because the breed is friendly trusting, forgiving and eager to please. Keith also said that a Beagle's reaction to being released from lab captivity varies from social isolation to overjoyed excitement.

What is important now is that these dogs will finally get to live out the rest of their lives as normal pets. To make this possible, the organizations are providing medical treatment and foster homes until the Beagles are ready to be adopted. Once the dogs are adjusted and healthy, they will be up for placement. It would be ideal if their new homes would already have dogs in them, so the lab Beagles can learn how to act like normal, happy-go-lucky canines. After all their suffering in the name of science it is more than well deserved.

VIDEO 20 Senior Beagles Rescued

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    I am praying for all these beautiful dogs to find loving, caring, FOREVER Homes to give them the comfort that they so richly deserve!!!

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