Curious Baby Penguin Encounters Its First Human (VIDEO)

Penguins have been a hot, or rather cold topic in the news lately. In March, a Humboldt penguin sprang from a Japanese aquarium and spent 82 days on the loose in Tokyo Bay. Then, in April, an aerial survey determined that the Emperor Penguin population has doubled in Antarctica

The latest dapper waterbird to waddle into the spotlight is this baby Gentoo penguin caught on video by adventure blogger Joel Oleson. In this short but irresistible viral video, the curious penguin explores Oleson and nibbles at his clothes and face. “Could have lost an eye!” Oleson writes in the video’s YouTube description.

According to Oleson’s blog, the penguins weren’t afraid to approach him because they had never encountered humans before:

"The penguins were amazing. We went around in Zodiak’s and would see penguins swimming along with us and jumping out of the water like dolphins. For me it was seeing the animals in their habitat and walking around on Antarctica which felt like being on Mars. Not that I’ve been on mars, but definitely felt like another planet. There aren’t any trees or bushes, just liken, moss, and strange grasses. While some would describe it as a barren wasteland, the reality is it’s some of the richest fauna on the planet. Tons of different kinds of whales, various seals and sea lions, elephant seals, various sea birds including various cormorants, sea eagles, and we saw a huge albatross.

The conditions were great while we were there. While we were glad we brought our snow clothes, the wind wasn’t too bad. Our Chilean guide brought us to a couple of different glaciers. For the zodiac rides we wore these orange Life suits that apparently can float. They did give us the suits and we wore our normal clothes under them"

VIDEO Curious little baby penguin

Responses to "Baby Penguin Meets Human For First Time (Video)"

  1. Mikael says:

    "good morning! who put this scientist in a sleeping bag on my way?" thanks for sharing, unusual wake-up,uh!

  2. Unknown says:
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  3. Unknown says:


  4. sweet but potentially dangerous

  5. Unknown says:

    A Great Video!

  6. Priceless Thank you

  7. Anonymous says:

    That's so amazing.. What a magic moment. :)

  8. Unknown says:


  9. pilvikki says:

    katina, why see potential danger everywhere, instead of the beauty of the moment?

    i'd love to do that!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Life. Is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Unknown says:

    How sweet! No fear and they are so cute!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I liked seeing the innosense of the penguin. I hope it doesn't become used to humans as I would hate to see it trust the wrong human. Very sweet, though.

  13. Fili says:

    That is amazing. Thank you for sharing this...

  14. Lisa says:

    calling all animal lovers, come fall in luv w this baby penguin! so cute. omg

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