Clint Jammer was born and raised in Port Perry, Ontario. As with most really good artists he began his interest in art at a very early age - in his case he was only 3 or 4 years old.

Although he loved art it wasn't until a life- changing event happened that he began painting in earnest. He was in his late 20's when he attended a seminar in Alaska under the guidance of world-renowned wildlife artists John Seery Lester, Alan Hunt and Morten Solberg. He was so effected by this experience that he then began to follow his life passion of painting seriously. He describes himself as self taught through trial and error learning.

When he was asked why he love to paint he responded, “I paint as a visual expression of my passion and appreciation for wildlife and nature. I believe we are all stewards of nature. My goal is to help protect and preserve our natural environment by painting images of its unique creatures and untouched landscapes so that when viewed, they not only tell a story, but also elicit a feeling.”

He goes on to say, "My paintings are detailed and photo-realistic, and reflect the strong influence nature has always had on my life. Fishing, canoeing, portaging and camping have been my hobbies since I was a child, with each excursion leaving fond and powerful memories etched into my soul. Today my paintings are enhanced by a passion for the ‘latest and greatest’ photographic equipment and techniques. Combine this with some fantastic and memorable trips, and I now have the fuel I need to create beautiful paintings as well as the inspiration to continually improve. Some of my best camera work is done when I take my canoe and go into the bush completely alone.

My favourite trips include Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, Columbia, St. Lucia, Costa Rica and Yellowstone National Park. My winter trip to Yellowstone in 2009 rewarded me with many incredible photographic firsts. I felt like I was in the best place at the best time with the best equipment. The geothermal activity throughout the park, the open rivers and rugged mountains, the mists and ice effects on the trees, the semi-desert-like vegetation (and, of course, the large numbers of wildlife at every turn) provided a truly once in a lifetime experience.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, my photo expedition in December 2010 to the Osa Peninsula at the southernmost tip of Costa Rica—considered one of the most bio-intense places on earth—blessed me again with many truly awesome and unforgettable moments.”

His paintings are frequently exhibited at the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival. He has also been featured at both the Artists for Conservation Foundation’s “Annual Art Festival” as well as the Society of Animal Artists annual “Art and the Animal Exhibition”. In addition to that his paintings have also been selected numerous times for Ducks Unlimited’s National Art Portfolio and Ontario Sponsor Print Program. He was also chosen as the Ducks Unlimited 2003 Artist of the Year for his painting “Silent Passing”, and his loon painting "Turbulent Waters" was selected for the Artists for Conservation Foundation's 2011 Annual Art Festival and was chosen for the front cover of their 2012 Environmental Calendar.

Although he paints various kinds of wildlife, his depictions of wolves are exceptional. Please enjoy some examples of his wonderful art work of wolves below.

Clint Jammer Website

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  1. BGeneral says:

    These are just beautiful, so perfect they look like photos! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    absoulutely georgous

  3. Anonymous says:

    He has truly captured the wolf's spirit in his paintings. What an amazing talent!

  4. What I like about Jammer's work is that while it is indeed excellent, it has its own flavor, unlike so many others whose work is hard to tell apart.

  5. I absolutely love these!! so beautiful and seem as if they are three dimensional- so much texture and depth! Amazing... what a gift!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Simply Beautiful!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    love your work ! they are wonderful

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