A new animal protection law has been launched in the German federal cabinet . Some of the key features of this amendment that was passed on Wednesday of this week is the ban on so-called leg Brandings of horses and the castration of piglets without anesthesia by 2017.

In addition to this, the protection of experimental animals will also be improved. Federal Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner (CSU) said: "Germany plays a leading role in international animal welfare."

For many foals in Germany, their ownership was made clear with the use of a brand. For example a branding iron in the shape of breeding collective mark is heated and then pressed onto the skin in the thigh area of the foal. After healing of the burn, the sign remains visible. Because the electronic microchip identification is now required to be used with horses, the branding is now prohibited in Germany.

Also planned is a ban for exhibition of dogs that have characteristics of breed problems. For example, breed characteristics that can cause problems as with shepherds that have hip dysplasia or pugs that suffer from shortness of breath due to a pushed in muzzle

The protection of experimental animals will also be significantly improved. The central component here is a ban on the use of apes as experimental animals. In addition, the bill contains protection for wild animals in circuses. State governments will also have the opportunity to adopt regulations that prohibit thefree roaming of unneutered domestic cats in the region.

Also Aigner urges more transparency in animal welfare in Europe. "I was present in Brussels, to the introduction of an animal welfare label - similar to the organic label," said the CSU politician of the "Passau New Press". It would have made more progress at European level to give the animal protection.

The German Farmers' Association said the Animal Welfare Amendment is pretty much in the right direction, but sometimes they shoot past the mark. Thus, the Association has agreed with all parties involved in the production chain, both at national and European level, with a commitment in 2018 to completely abandon the castration of piglets without anesthesia.

Congratulations to Germany for taking steps to improve the lives of animals in their country. Hopefully now many other countries will follow their lead.

Responses to "Germany passes new Animal Protection Law this week"

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is GREAT news not much good coming out of Germany lately about animals!

  2. Vivien says:

    This is wonderful news for Animals - - - - And I have to say I do respect Germany for showing this long needed compassion for Animals. I just hope that other countries will follow this humane example now.

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