NASA just released a promotional video featuring some absolutely gorgeous space imagery. You should watch it. Right now.

Not every NASA video is a winner. Case in point: the Agency's comically lame astronaut recruitment video.

But this video? This video is excellent. Probably because it was produced by the folks at NASA's Goddard Multimedia team, who have a proven track record when it comes to mind-blowingly awesome space media.

This particular featurette, titled Pursuit of Light, really captures what NASA is all about: big questions and big ideas. Under just about any other circumstances, NASA's tag line of "It's six minutes from Earth to forever, and you can see it here!" would sound corny. But here, it couldn't be more fitting.

Perhaps more than all other federal agencies, NASA tells stories about big things: big places, big data, big ideas. Using extraordinarily high resolution data sets from some of the most innovative and powerful scientific instruments ever built, the media team at NASA Goddard presents PURSUIT OF LIGHT. The presentation showcases top level goals of NASA's Science Mission Directorate, with an eye toward capturing the imagination of mainstream audiences.
Stars afire, the endless void recedes.

Pursuit of Light
Water and stone,Flower and bone: home.
Life transforms the world,and the world transforms life.
The Moon
Endless light holds back the night.
Are we alone?
Dark matter eludes and beguiles.
Will civilization forever endure?
Will enough data make us sure?
What makes us who we are?
How far to the farthest star?
What kind?
How much?
But when?
What then?
We're heading out.
Come with us.
credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
The Eagle Nebula from Kitt Peak Image Credit: T. A. Rector

VIDEO Pursuit Of Light

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