Our planet as it REALLY looks from space: Russian satellite captures day turning into night in incredible high-definition video

Russia's latest weather satellite has captured the crispest-ever video of our planet - with unforgettable touches such as the sun reflecting off the sea as day turns to night.

The image was taken by the Electro-L, Russia's latest weather satellite, which has a massive resolution of 121million megapixels.

This is Planet Earth, seen from 36,000km above the surface, with the rich deep blues of the sea contrasting with the sharp outlines of land, as white clouds scurry across the skies.

The satellite captures this kind of stunning image every half-hour as it monitors our weather and, if a strange weather phenomenon is detected, the Russian operators can remotely command the satellite to take images every 10 minutes.

The images, in which each pixel represents 1km, uses a combination of visible and near-infrared wavelengths, so that vegetation shows up in red, rather than the green you might expect.

Electro-L sits in a geo-stationary orbit, which means its speed matches that of the Earth's rotation, making it remain 'motionless' above a fixed point of the planet. It launched in January 2011 and has been beaming down these stunning images ever since.

Out of this world: A photograph of the Earth taken by Russian weather satellite, the Electro-L

The Electro-L, Russia's latest weather satellite, has a massive resolution of 121million megapixels

VIDEO Timelapse of Planet Earth from Russian Electro-L satellite

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  2. I waited for 2m.44secs and nothing happened.WTF you'de think they had fimed something amazing?

  3. Anonymous says:

    somebody had fun with the colour correction wheel. How is it that the empty quarter in Saudi Arabia is bright green and Malaysia (mostly covered in bright green trees) is red?

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  5. Anonymous says:

    I also didn't see any human made lights during the dark cycle. Couldn't do lights with the photo shop?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anon #3, did you not read? Red indicates vegetation.

    Theodore, it's a timelapse of our beautiful blue planet seen from space with the best resolution satellite imaging to date. How is it not amazing? Perhaps they should have added more explosions to satisfy your 12 year old stereotypical mindset.

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