Did you see the eclipse yesterday? In case of poor geographic location or general Sunday laziness, here’s a time-lapse video showing the celestial event in its full glory.

Created by amateur astrophotographer Cory Poole, a math and science teacher, the video gives a great overview of the entire eclipse from start to finish. Poole watched the event from Redding, California, which was directly in the path of the moon’s shadow, allowing him to capture the full extent of the “ring of fire.”

During this annular eclipse, the moon was slightly too far from the Earth to completely block out the sun, leaving a bright red ring that would make any Xbox player shiver.

This time-lapse video was made by stitching together 700 individual frames, taken through a solar telescope with a special filter that can see the sun’s chromosphere, an outer solar layer from which flares and prominences emerge. Normally, a different layer on the sun, the photosphere, outshines the chromosphere, making it invisible. But during an eclipse the photosphere is blocked, allowing the deep red of the chromosphere to come out.


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