National Geographic's 'Untamed Americas': Exclusive First Look And Premiere Date Announcement

National Geographic's "Untamed Americas" is a gorgeous new high-def wildlife miniseries, narrated by Josh Brolin, and we've got the exclusive first look and the official premiere date. The four-hour series will premiere over two nights, Sun., June 10 and Mon., June 11, 9 p.m. ET/PT.

The series -- which took more than two years to shoot and landed the crews in hurricanes, subzero temperatures and extreme heat with 100 percent humidity -- takes viewers through North, Central and South America, two continents spanning from Alaska to the tip of Patagonia.

Split into four parts (Mountains, Deserts, Forests and Coasts), the cameras captured rare moments with the wildlife that lives in the expanses between our sprawling cities.

Like most nature documentaries, we'll see both extremes -- the good and the bad, the adorable creatures and the ruthless wild hunters, life and death.

Some highlights include:

In the Mountains: Get a peek at a recently discovered type of bat that boasts the highest tongue-to-body ratio of any mammal in the world.

In the Desert: A camouflaged lizard squirts blood at its predator ... from its eye socket.

On the Coasts: See a large group of giant Humboldt squid cannibalizing their kin in the Sea of Cortez off Mexico's coast.

In the Forests: Witness massive forest fires as they devastate miles of lush vegetation.

Photo Credit Mike Lentz


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    Love this . . . love NAT GEO, thanks for sharing ^..^

  2. Lauraine Wilson says:

    Yet another unmissable wildlife series - it looks great! Thank you for all your efforts in producing such high quality viewing. Films like these help wildlife by showing people how magnificent the wild creatures are in their natural habitats, and allows us to see how they hunt, breed,interact and survive. Hope to see "Untamed Americas" very soon in the UK!

  3. lonna421 says:

    Awesome documentary!

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    I am new to this

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    I like it so far I just found this page today

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