This summer, a female opossum was brought to the Center because she was unable to walk. She was in shock and relatively unaware of her surroundings. A veterinary exam showed that she had a fractured right leg and head trauma. It was also discovered that she had ten babies in her pouch! She apparently had been hit by a car.

She was stabilized with fluids and shock medications and made comfortable while she recovered to the point where she would sustain a full exam, x-rays and blood work. After two days, it was apparent that she was not recovering full senescence, although vital signs had improved. She was stomach tubed and fed a gruel to give her the resources needed to heal and to sustain the babies.

This Was No Accident

An x-ray was taken to evaluate the damage from her accident when we discovered that she had not had an encounter with an automobile, but had been repeatedly shot five times with a pellet gun in the face and front leg. The one pellet fractured her front leg and the other pellets had impaired her nervous system.

Sadly, recovery for her was just not possible and we were forced to euthanatize her, but not until the babies reached an age where they could be weaned from Mom. Eight of the original ten babies thrived and were successfully released back to the wild.

Hope & Healing for Thousands of Animals

Every year, nearly 2,000 animals pass through the New England Wildlife Center and all any of them want is to go home again. Enjoy this special video presentation of some of the patients who are so glad to be on their way to freedom once more.

Written by Dr. Greg Mertz of the New England Wildlife Center

VIDEO New England Wildlife Center

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  1. Unknown says:

    thank you for doing your best to save this mother oppossums life... I really love these little critters and it breaks my heart to see them dead on the side of the road... I even stop my car to check to see if there are any babies... I am happy you were able to save her litter! God Bless you!

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