The moon toe-dipped through Earth's shadow early on Monday, June 4 in a partial lunar eclipse that appeared to take a bite out of our planet's nearest neighbor.

The partial lunar eclipse of the full moon occurred in the wee hours of Monday morning in North America, with die-hard skywatchers rising early to catch a glimpse of the darkened moon.

"Good morning, beautiful eclipse!" skywatcher Maggie Cates of Weatherford, Texas, told (and the moon) in an email.

The full moon of June is known as the Strawberry Moon because it typically occurs at the peak of strawberry harvesting season, according to a NASA eclipse guide. At its peak, Monday's partial lunar eclipse blocked about 37 percent of the moon and was visible from western and central North America, South America, Australia and eastern Asia.

Lunar eclipses are caused when the moon passes behind Earth, with respect to the sun. When the moon passes directly behind Earth it creates a total lunar eclipse. Partial lunar eclipses happen when only part of the moon passes through Earth's shadow, an effect that occurs because the moon's orbital tilt is slightly different than the plane of Earth's orbit around the sun.

June Moon names from Native American Culture

Leaves Moon (Cree).
Horses̢۪ Moon (Celtic).
Ripe Berries (Dakota).
Hoer moon (Abernaki).
Lotus Moon (Chinese).
Windy Moon (Choctaw).
Summer moon (Kiowa).
Buffalo Moon (Omaha).
Leaf Moon (Assiniboine).
Corn Tassel Moon(Taos).
Blackberry moon (Greek).
Green grass Moon(Sioux).
Ripening Moon (Mohawk).
Turtle Moon (Potawatomi).
Making fat Moon (Lakota).
Hot weather moon (Ponca).
Leaf Dark Moon (San Juan).
Major Planting Moon (Hopi).
Planting Moon (Neo Pagan).
Fish Spoils Moon (Wishram).
Water melon Moon (Natchez).
Hot Weather moon (Arapaho).
Dyad Moon (Medieval English).
Strawberry Moon (Anishnaabe).
Dark green leaves Moon (Pueblo).
Summer Moon (Passamaquoddy).
Green Corn Moon, Flower Moon (Cherokee).
Mead Moon (Full Janic), Strawberry moon (Dark Janic).
Honey Moon, Hot Moon, Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon (Algonquin).

Other Moon names : Hay Moon, Aerra Litha Moon, Strong Sun Moon, Lovers Moon

Partial Lunar Eclipse Seen from HawaiiCredit: Kalani Pokipala Skywatcher Kalani Pokipala took this photo of the partial lunar eclipse on June 4, 2012, from Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii.

Partial Lunar Eclipse Seen from Billings, Credit: Rob SparksSkywatcher Rob Sparks sent in this photo of the partial lunar eclipse of June 4, 2012, taken in Billings, Montana.

Partial Lunar Eclipse Seen from Palm Harbor, FL Credit: Greg Shankland Skywatcher Greg Shankland took this photo of the partial lunar eclipse of June 4, 2012, in Palm Harbor, FL.

Partial Lunar Eclipse Seen from San Jose, CACredit: Lisa WernerSkywatcher Lisa Werner sent this photo of the partial lunar eclipse of June 4, 2012, taken in San Jose, CA. She writes: "This was the best I could do using an iPhone 4S through binoculars."

Partial Lunar Eclipse Seen from Wichita, KSCredit: photographgifts@***.***An unidentified skywatcher sent this photo of the partial lunar eclipse of June 4, 2012, taken in Wichita, KS.

Timetable for Partial Lunar Eclipse of June 4, 2012Credit: F. Espenak, NASA GSFCThe table below gives times of each phase of the eclipse for various time zones in North America and Hawaii on June 4, 2012.
VIDEOS Lunar Eclipse 4th of June 2012

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