Koalas are marsupials and raise their babies inside their pouches. This mother koala has her baby up in a tree and the little koala is taking a peek around.

We can't get over this video of a baby koala from the Taipei Zoo peeking out of its mom's pouch.

Though often called the koala "bear," this cuddly animal is not a bear at all; it is a marsupial, or pouched mammal. After giving birth, a female koala carries her baby in her pouch for about six months. When the infant emerges, it rides on its mother's back or clings to her belly, accompanying her everywhere until it is about a year old.

Koalas live in eastern Australia, where the eucalyptus trees they love are most plentiful. In fact, they rarely leave these trees, and their sharp claws and opposable digits easily keep them aloft. During the day they doze, tucked into forks or nooks in the trees, sleeping for up to 18 hours.

When not asleep a koala feeds on eucalyptus leaves, especially at night. Koalas do not drink much water and they get most of their moisture from these leaves. Each animal eats a tremendous amount for its size—about two and a half pounds (one kilogram) of leaves a day. Koalas even store snacks of leaves in pouches in their cheeks. (According to National Geographic)

ZooBorns reports that because there's still not much fur on this little joey, he or she most likely has a bit more time left in the pouch, "but limbs and snout will occasionally make an appearance."

Even though koalas are classified as being of "least concern" on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, National Geographic reports that populations of the furry marsupials in Australia are decreasing due to habitat loss and degradation, disease, mining, and logging, to name just a few. (Source)

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