Dog Herds Cattle: Japanese Superdog Helps Elderly Owner

We all know that dogs are loyal companions. Throughout human history, they've helped out by herding sheep, standing guard, tracking game animals, and serving as eyes for the blind.

This Japanese superdog is just another great example of why dogs are our best friends.

In Japan's agrarian Oita prefecture, this amazing dog helps out this owner by herding cattle -- that's right, cows!

Taking a rope attached to the cows' harnesses in his mouth, the dog leads the big beasts to their grazing fields every morning, a distance of more than a mile.

It's a really neat trick that probably saves the elderly owner a bit of trouble, but according to Weird Asia News, the dog picked up the habit all by himself.

Rather than train his dog to herd cattle, the owner said that his pet learned the task by copying his actions.

This isn't the first East Asian superdog that's made recent news. In May, a stray dog in China followed a bike team more than 1,000 miles after one member fed him some chicken. That dog, named Xiao Sa, enjoyed brief celebrity on the Web, and captured the hearts of thousands around the world. (Source)


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