Cute Hedgehog Running In Sink Gets A Bubble Bath

If you believe the Internet (and why wouldn't you?) the best way give your pet hedgehog a bath is to let it run in place in the bathroom sink.

While many household animals don't take kindly to getting wet, this hedgehog seems to enjoy bath time. He zips around the bowl of the sink splashing bubbles everywhere, but he can't quite seem to manage the slippery slope of the basin.

In case you're concerned that this might be cruel, fret not. A handy guide to bathing your pet hedgehog recommends "letting him soak for a few minutes," and anticipates that it will "probably try to get out of the water." It's all standard hedgehog procedure.

Most domesticated hedgehogs are a mix between two species, the white-bellied hedgehog and its North African cousin.

While you'll have no problem keeping a hedgehog as a pet in Europe or Canada (with the exception of a few municipalities), there are some U.S. states and cities that ban them.

It's illegal to own a hedgehog in New York City, California, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Hawaii. Arizona and Maine also have some stringent restrictions.


Responses to "Hedgehog Bubble Bath! (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    That was one of the cruelest things I've ever seen! Poor little guy was obviously traumatized and working his little self into a frenzy to try to get out, and all the owner does is stand by and videotape it! What a moron! Get another pet, why don't ya!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree, very very cruel, why on earth did they have it in a sink of soapy water in the first place??

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