Hero Dog Spends Night Protecting Abandoned Baby

Is there anything a dog won’t do for a human? A farm dog named Cheena spent the night protecting a newborn baby boy who was abandoned by his 14 year old mother after his birth. The dog and baby were found under a bridge in a town near Bolgatanga in the Upper East Regional Capital of Ghana. The dog was found with the tiny baby snuggled against her near the farm where the dog lives.

Cheena’s owner became worried because Cheena had not returned home in the evening. A search party was assembled and they spent most of the night tracking the hound. They found the dog and a baby, a baby they were not looking for, after they had searched for quite awhile. Cheena was found under a bridge near the farm she calls home. Surprisingly, they found the dog curled around the human baby.

They think Cheena may have heard the newborn crying and her motherly instincts kicked in. She is no stranger to taking care of babies…baby pups that is, as she has six of her own that she is still taking care of. It is thought that when Cheena heard the newborn crying she dragged or carried him over to her pups and took care of him.

The baby boy is in good shape despite a few cuts and bruises. “She took the baby like a puppy and preserved it. The doctors said if she hadn’t done this the baby would have died,” said Daniel Salcedo the Buenos Aires Police Chief.

The baby’s umbilical cord was still intact and had gotten infected but other than that he was unharmed. The baby is currently in the custody of a local health directorate until other arrangements can be made for him.

Locals are now calling the newborn “the miracle baby” and Cheena “a hero”.

While this is a very touching story and a very true story it actually happened four years ago, not yesterday! But it is still a great story!

VIDEO Dog rescues abandoned newborn

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing story! Just goes to show that dogs have more intelligence than we give credit for.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awhh that was a heart warming story put a tear in my eyes.....God creations are so beautifuln... and shud never be taken for granted....

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