Blind Puppy With Congenital Defects Rescued

A blind dog with congenital defects may not be every pet owner's top pick. But hopefully one golden retriever's "happy go lucky" personality, as showcased in The Pet Collective's YouTube series "The Unadoptables," will reshape the conventional image of the ideal pet.

Kanga was just a puppy when a Long Beach shelter found him in a field. Blind and with some congenital deformities involving his front paws, "That dog would not have had a chance," Michelle Davis, supervising producer at The Pet Collective, told HuffPost. Dozens of dogs enter shelters each day, and with limited resources and overcrowding, dogs such as Kanga will often be euthanized in certain shelters.

Fortunately for Kanga, the Golden Retriever Club of Greater LA Rescue (GRCGLA), rescued him, and volunteers are now helping to care for the dog. GRCGLA has a hotline and when a golden retriever enters a shelter, they will attempt to find a foster for the dog until a lifelong home is established.

Shelter workers say there is a misconception that because of Kanga's blindness, he will require extra care, when in fact, Kanga only requires eye drops, and would benefit from living in a home with another dog.

Most dog breeds have rescue organizations, so for people who have their heart set on a specific breed, there are still ways to help an animal in need. According to Davis, choosing a pet can become a political debate, but when it comes to rescue organizations dedicated to specific breeds, she feels "it ultimately benefits all the animals."

As for Kanga, dogs with special needs "do not see themselves as any different ... how many people are perfect? Zero."

If you are interested in learning more, visit the GRCGLA website. You can also visit or the ASPCA website to learn more about helping an animal in need of a home.(Source)

VIDEO Blind Golden Retriever

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