Baby Sea Otter Does What We All Want To Do

Summer is officially here, and this little otter is ready to beat the heat by wading around in the cool water.

Swimming around with its paws over its eyes, the sea otter pup is determined to remain undisturbed as it spins, splashes and even does a little shimmy for the camera.

So what's its game? A bit of hide-and-seek? A round of Marco Polo with some friends, perhaps?

Not exactly.

Otters often place their paws on their eyes to give them a break from the cold water temperature, according the video's YouTube description. The clip is featured on user KatieOtter501's channel, which offers viewers a glimpse of a documentary titled "Otter 501."

Sea otters can live up to 23 years in the wild and weigh around 65 pounds, according to National Geographic.

The animals can be found off the coast of California, Alaska, Canada and Washington, according to the Defenders of Wildlife organization. A small number can also be located in Russia and Japan.

Previously hunted for their fur in the 1800s, the otters came close to extinction. Now, the animals are protected under law, though they remain listed as "endangered" on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

VIDEO Sea Otter Pup Covers Eyes with Paws

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