Meet Tiny Pedro, The Orphaned Fox Cub

This fox cub, who is so tiny he sits in the palm of a hand, is the first orphan of the spring breeding season to arrive at Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre near Burnham-On-Sea.

The tiny creature, called Pedro, has been rescued after its cries were heard coming from of a bramble bush in Easter Road, Lympsham by a dog walker.

Secret World's Animal Care Manager Sara Cowen was called to the scene and it was originally thought the cries were coming from an otter cub due to its location next to a river.

Secret World spokeswoman Debbie O’Keefe told "It soon became clear that the cries heard were that of a fox. Sara battled through the brambles, suffering numerous cuts to her arms, and eventually fished out little Pedro who would almost certainly have died had it not been for her determined efforts."

"It's thought that a mother fox had abandoned her while carrying a couple of cubs after being disturbed, but had not had time to return for little Pedro who was left behind."

Now the lucky youngster is recovering in an incubator at Secret World and will soon be joined by other fox cubs which are reared and returned to the wild.

The charity, whose £4.4 million Call of the Wild Appeal for a new Animal Hospital was launched recently by Sir Terry Pratchett, can expect to receive hundreds of orphaned or abandoned birds and animals as the breeding season progresses.


Photos-Credit  Brad Wakefield

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