13 Dreaming Dogs

We all have our dreams, man. But for some reason when our dogs are snoozing, their dream sounds and faces are a whole lot funnier than ours.

Whether they're thinking of a chase scene or just snoring a little louder than usual, these guys know how to entertain us without even trying. It's a gift.

We've rounded up 13 of our favorite dreaming dogs to celebrate this phenomenon in dog culture. Be sure to vote for your favorites!

Facts about Dogs' Sleep

*Dogs do have different stages of sleep like people do.

*Dogs almost sleep half their life, the equivalent to 16 hours a day.

*The phrase, let sleeping dogs lie, holds a lot of truth. Considering 60% of dog bites happen to children when they first wake a dog in a deep REM sleep.

*It is important to always teach children not to approach a sleeping dog and startle.

*Most dogs will generally circle round and round, nesting before they finally lie down.

*Puppies and older dogs dream more than middle-aged dogs.

Photo: GAYA
VIDEO Running Dog

2- VIDEO Funny Dog Dreaming

3- VIDEO Dog Dreaming!

4- VIDEO Dreaming Dog, Pixie!

5- VIDEO Pugs Snoring

6- VIDEO Dog Dreaming

7- VIDEO Lab Puppy Dreaming

8- VIDEO Puppy Has A Bad Dream

9- VIDEO Husky puppy dreaming

10- VIDEO English Bulldog Puppy Dreaming

11- VIDEO Cute Sleeping Bulldog Puppy

12- VIDEO Boxer puppy dreaming

13- VIDEO matzoball snoring

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    Love the dreaming dogs videos ~ So precious... I wonder what dogs think when they watch us dreaming and snoring??? lol <3

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