The Italian State Forestry Department has shut down"Green Hill" the well-known and infamous company located in Montichiari, Italy in the province of Brescia. They were the company that bred beagle dogs for vivisection labs.

The inspection and seizure of the property was arranged by the Public Prosecutor at the ordinary courts of Brescia. It was attended by about 30 forestry employees belonging to the Provincial Command of Brescia, Bergamo and the Investigative Unit for Crimes in detriment to Animals (NIRDA). Also present was the staff of the Police Headquarters of Brescia. The operation led to the seizure of all the beagle dogs, both puppies and adults. The entire facility consisted of four warehouses, offices and related appurtenances for a total of about 5 hectares.

The seizure of Green Hill follows the reporting by LAV for the conditions of detention of the 2,500 beagles in that facility. The organizations, Zoophilic dell'OIPA and the International Animal Protection, had filed a complaint nine months ago of the poor conditions that led to the arrest this morning in Green Hill. "It was filed closing a situation, so far unheard of" writes 'OIPA. It was the Public Prosecutor of Brescia that allowed the organization, Zoophilic OIPA quell'ispezione to storm the facility on September 30th, 2011.

Three people were investigated and are being charged for animal cruelty (art.544 ter) in the investigation that led to the seizure of Beagle puppies at "Green Hill". This was announced by the State Forestry Department. "The beagle puppies - underscores the Forest Dept. - still can not leave the business. Representatives of Green Hill have been appointed legal guardians along with the mayor of the town in Lombardy and the local ASL. They have the responsibility of the care and feeding of beagles.

ENPA calls for the closing of other facilities used for testing animals in vivisection. "Stop Green Hill and other farms from testing, in our country." That should be 'what is required by the National Animal Control Board following the raid that led to the arrest of Green Hill. "The surveys of the structure, still in progress, are casting a heavy shadow on the activities' of the facility. Green Hill should be closed once and for all if the investigators are to confirm the violation of rules of law," says Carla Rocchi, ENPA national president, who continued: "I ask the Senate to respect the will 'of the vast majority of Italians who oppose vivisection (86.3%, according to the" Italy Report 2012 "by Eurispes) The movement spontaneously arose and grew from one year ago resulting in the closure of Green Hill, approved by Article 14 of EU Law, already 'voted by an overwhelming majority of the House. "

In the decree by which the Public Prosecutor of Brescia has announced, with the seizure of breeding Green Hill, Montichiari, and what is' known, it is assumed that the beagles kept in the facility can also be targeted in the trial related to cosmetic and scientific testing. The reason why, and 'suggested the crime of cruelty to animals,' is related to the particular characteristics of the beagle. The beagle is ' in fact a 'Hound' and requires special conditions of life, including the possibility 'of being outdoors.

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