Idaho to make wolf hunting year round

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has reported that during the 2011-12 wolf seasons, hunters killed 255 wolves, and trappers 124, for a total of 379 wolves. But apparently that is not enough for the wolf hating state. Idaho has now come up with new hunting rules that appear to cater more to the anti-wolf extremists who want to eliminate as many wolves as possible rather than responsibly managing wildlife. These new rules seem to go against what the majority of Americans want to see for responsible wolf management and to allow for a healthy wolf population for generations to come.

The state of Idaho has decided on new rules that will in effect always have at least one place in the state open to wolf hunting on a rotating basis. This will be in addition to the general wolf hunt that goes for about half a year. The general wolf hunt will begin Aug. 30 and go until March 31. However, some units will remain open until June 30. Wolf hunting also began July 1st this year on private land in northern Idaho.Then on July 1, 2013 private land in northern Idaho will again open.

Also under the new rules, there will be no limit on how many wolves can be killed in total except in 5 wolf hunting units. For example, the Island Park wolf hunting unit adjacent to Yellowstone Park will have a limit (quota) of 30 wolves. Unfortunately from previous wolf counts, however, it's doubtful that 30 wolves even live there unless they can catch some Yellowstone Park wolves temporarily out of the Park.

The rules state that in most parts of the state, wolf hunters can buy up to five wolf tags a per season. Wolf trappers will also be able to buy 5 wolf trapping tags in a season which starts November 15th, although not all of the state will be open to wolf trapping. Some units allow only 2 wolf tags a season for hunting and trapping.

To sum up the disastrous effect these new hunting rules will have on the state's wolves, Mike Leahy, a director for a national wildlife organization said,"Idaho isn't 'managing' wolves, they're just attempting to drive the population down to the federal minimum of 100 to 150 wolves per state. No other native animal is intentionally driven down to such artificially low numbers, especially one that Americans have worked so hard to restore. Black bears and mountain lions aren't hunted year-round even though there are far more of them, and wolves shouldn't be either."

Responses to "Idaho changes rules to allow for wolf hunting all year round"

  1. JoLynn Ay says:

    BOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe they would like it if we hunted them down and shoot them!

  2. this is not right, they rather have extinction. this is not acceptical

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Next year they will have to spend money on culling deer cause if there are that many wolves there are just as many deer.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Time to make Barry Holstun Lopez' extraordinary work "Of Wolves and Men" mandatory reading in our schools.

  6. Lara says:

    this is not right...hunting for food is one thing but this is murder...there will be no wolves left if this happens :'(

  7. Shelley says:

    This is so wrong. These poor wolves. Can this ruling be over turned? Can we still fight the Idaho Department of Fish and Game? This can't be the end of this, it just can't be. My heart breaks for the wolves and maybe one day we can change this around...maybe, one day :(

  8. Keri says:

    All the Wildlife was here before any humans were here.. Stop Killing Who makes up these rules, a bunch of Morons.. Fine the people and Prison time $ 5,000. /5 Yrs in Prison..........

  9. Anonymous says:

    WHY MUST YOU KILL ? AND WHY MUST YOU KILL CREATURES WHO ARE PART OF THIS UNIVERSE AND HAVING THE RIGHT TO BE HERE? WHAT IS IT INSIDE YOU THAT MAKES YOU WANT TO DESTROY THE PRECIOUS ANIMALS OF OUR EARTH.They've done you no harm and they will only fight if they must defend themselves against the cruelty of man. What kind of person looks into the eyes of this most wonderful creature and still can point a weapon and proceed to try to kill it?

  10. Anonymous says:

    My dog is a white german shepherd and she looks so much like these white wolves. Its just typical of the human race to interfere and think they are doing the right thing but it is actually disastrous. Sometimes I think that the people who make these decisions are absolutely callous to say the least.

  11. Anonymous says:

    SHAME ON THEM! Would they like some people to chase them and shoot them down for fun!

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    my name is jerry collins. I USED to vacation in the priest river, selway and hells canyon area every summer for months, living in a motor home. I will Never go there again, spend a dime traveling through or buy ANY PRODUCT OR FOOD FROM IDAHO AS LONG AS BUTCH OTTER AND THOSE MURDERING BASTARDS are in office. I will find wolves elsewhere. I pledge!!!!!

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. I'm sure there is a Federal Law that would find this incostitutional...there is a great part of US poppuulation to include indian tribes...historicl preservation,that would see this action as violent and terrorist act not only to these animals but to the believes of many in this nation... what about the historical representation or symbolisim of these animals(just like the eagle is to America...the Wolves too simbolize to many, values,espiritual believes,etc...I am almost certain that there is a Federal law that will superceed the state...even more...I believe that this also will have a Long Arm effect in every state in this nation...If you need my signature let me know...

  16. Unknown says:

    this makes me very sad :(

  17. Teresa says:

    I guess And hope all those people will burn in hell

  18. Anonymous says:

    this is just wrong to kill wolves...this is not right...hunting for food is one thing, but this is murder...there will be no wolves left if this happens... WHEN WILL IT BE OPEN SEASON ON DUMB ASS LIKE THE WILDLIFE AND FISH AND GAME ASSHOLES WITH OPEN SEASON ON THE COMGRESS????

  19. debc says:

    I hope, by now, you are beginning to wake up and see the horror of what you are doing... and if not, well, someday, you will and then you are going to be faced with the horror and hellishness of what you have done.. Karma can be not so fun..

  20. Anonymous says:

    OH MY GOD this this is sick sick sick!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is up in heaven saying "What is wrong with humans?" Yes all those hunters need to burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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