Jurek Zamoyski was born and raised in Poland after the war. His love of art was greatly influenced by Salvador Dali and his mother who was also an artist. She taught him art history and it was through her that he developed his strong love of nature. He was also surrounded by all the incredible European art. Jurek has lived and traveled all over Europe studying his craft.

In 1978, he moved to New York City, the heart of the fashion and art world in the U.S. He originally began his work in America in the fashion industry but his love of painting soon became his focus again. His art was featured on magazine covers and he also spent time painting on airplanes. Today he lives in Maine with his family and continues to paint free of any commercial ties.

His love of nature is now his main focus in his artwork. He believes that wildlife art should make a statement as to why these beautiful creatures should be left alone by man and allowed to live free and wild. His main technique on his paintings is airbrushing. The eyes are the center of all his creations and they come alive with a light that shines from within.

Zurek describes what he is trying to accomplish by his style of painting. "Every animal has a soul. Since I was a child I have marveled at the grace and beauty of all animals, from the great jungle cats to the four legged friends in our homes. This led me to surround myself with furry creatures of all sorts. Their exquisiteness and unique personalities have deepened my love and respect for each one of them. For this reason, the portraits I paint capture their outer beauty and their inner Soul. I paint so that it comes from the inside and shines out through their eyes.

With my work I want the viewer to maintain that magical connection with animals that have entered their hearts and lives.

I'm just doing my best to depict magic of life. These are my meditations on beauty of Animals and connection we share." Enjoy some of his magnificent creations below.

VIDEO "Spirit Of The Jaguar"

Responses to "Jurek Zamoyski - Polish Born Wildlife Artist Extraordinaire"

  1. Ewa Oscarsdotter says:

    WHAT can I say????? Nothing....This is so GREAT, so FANTASTIC, so GOOD...I love your paintings, I love the reflection of your soul in what you do....
    THANK YOU! I will try to follow your work in future...It means much to me because I love ALL animals.

    From Ewa Oscarsdotter, Sweden

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your beautiful work. I know you love animals. I can see it in your work. You inspire me to do a portait of my beautiful 120 lb Akita that I lost 10 days ago. I have cried hours each day since she has been gone. I pray that she is waiting for me in heaven ... my baby girl "Boots". I began painting 40 years ago and have not done it in a long time. I believe your work will inspire me to go back to where I belong and do a tribute to my beautiful girl. Thank you so much :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maravilloso!!! Son realistas.

  4. Anonymous says:

    These are all beautiful!

  5. souixs says:

    Absolutely amazing, the most beautiful, detailed, and intimate paintings I have ever seen!

  6. Andrae says:

    I have a Jurek airbrushed T-shirt that I purchased in Key West, Florida in 1989. How can I learn more about the work (it is an airbrushed image of Bob Marley). Thanks Andrae

  7. Unknown says:

    not bad

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